About Us

Porter Moi is the brainchild of fashionista Shailly Gandesha. Recognising the cost of throwaway fashion, both financially and to the planet, Shailly set out to address the problem. Social media only exacerbates this with the pressure of having something “new” to wear on every occasion. The Ethnic Wardrobe allows users to buy and sell stunning pre-loved garments. This ensures that your adored outfit worn at a wedding or event doesn't end up as yet another casualty of fast fashion. Re-loved fashion keeps your wardrobe and your commitment to the climate on track.

Our Values


We take every chance to contribute to society as an opportunity to make the world better. We want to instill a sense of accountability in our users and ourselves by bringing awareness to the destruction that overproduction and overconsumption can result in. Through our initiative of promoting circular fashion, we make more responsible choices to protect the world and everyone living in it.


At Porter Moi encouraging respect between our users is critical to our success. It is essential for both our buyers and sellers to experience a process which is fair and transparent. Pre-loved without compromising on quality is our ethos and one which we expect all our users to adopt.
"Porter Moi makes it possible to rock the latest look without compromising on style or affordability - whether it’s high street fashion, ethnic designer wear or an Alexander McQueen creation."

Founder of Porter Moi